Die Mannequin

This past Friday, I caught Die Mannequin at Live 88.5‘s Live Lounge. What a great performance! If you get the chance to catch Die Mannequin live, do it!

I shot this show with Canon’s 16-35mm 2.8 lens. Having grabbed myself a seat on the edge of the stage, this lens was perfect for letting me capture all the action taking place in front of me. As the light was very low, I was shooting at ISO 3200. This introduces a little more noise than I would normally like to see in my concert images, but I think the extra noise fits well with Die Mannequin’s alternative/punk style and high energy performance. Lead singer Care Failure had energy to burn! Twice she hopped off the stage and made her way to the back of the bar to sing and wail on her guitar.

I was fortunate enough to be lying on the right side of the stage for the band’s grand finale. While lying on the stage herself, Care Failure caught sight of my camera and started rolling and crawling towards me, letting me capture some cool shots. I can’t wait for them to make their return to Ottawa!

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  1. Thanks Harry. It was fun shooting with such a wide angle! I really like that lens. Motion was inevitable as many shots were at 1/50 or slower, but the effect was nice in a lot of the shots.

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