Sport Sessions Photo Challenge

This was one of the photo workshops I attended this summer that was led by local photographer Harry Nowell. It involved 3 nights of shooting and a follow up critique session. If you haven’t taken one of Harry’s courses, I highly recommend taking one if you’re looking for a photo course. He is a great teacher and his workshops are always fun. His workshops get a lot of positive feedback for good reason.

The workshop involved 2 nights of shooting a cycling race. Not only does Harry talk about photographic technique, but he also discusses the thought process that should be put into shooting an event. The final night of shooting was dedicated to photographing motion. We attached cameras to poles, carts and bikes. This is often referred to as point of view (POV) photography and it is a style I really enjoy. I hope to post pictures using these shooting techniques in the near future.

Below are a few shots from the cycling races.